Courtney Gurney – Principal Associate; teacher of 13 years through to Ladies.
Courtney started Physie when she was 3; she did most of her junior years at Grantham Heights/Rooty Hill (Sydney) and competed at a National Level and in Championship & A Grade teams. At 13 she moved to Canberra and started with Brindabella and at 16 became an associate. In 2013 Courtney had her daughter Mia and in 2014 she became Principal Associate of Brindabella. Courtney loves Physie & loves the Brindabella family. Courtney believes that Physie is not only great for the body but also the mind!

Julie Heather – Teacher of Tiny Tots -12 years;
Julie first started Physie when she was three years old. She first became an associate at 17 years old and over the next 13 years taught all age groups, from pre-schoolers through to Ladies. After a break of 7 years to move to Canberra and ‘have babies’, she rediscovered her love of Physie by joining Brindabella with her daughter Abbey. Julie has had many highlights in her Physie career including competing at National Finals at the Opera House as a junior and performing in the Opening Ceremony for the Sydney Olympic Games, but her enjoyment mainly stems from seeing her students reach their full potential both personally and competitively. Julie has a strong focus on technique while fostering both self-confidence and friendship within a class.

Sophie Brissenden – Stretch & Technique Teacher and assistant teacher;
Sophie is a Brindy Physie Girl from head to pointed toe. She began Physie at the age of four and has enjoyed growing up in a healthy, happy and supportive Physie family. With the help of her devoted Physie mum, her previous teachers and particularly her mentor/coach Miss Courtney, Sophie has achieved her lifetime goal of competing in the Senior National Finals at the Sydney Opera House, not once but twice. Sophie is excited to teach the cute tiny tots this year and strives to improve her work and the club as a whole.

Heather Way – Assistant Teacher;
Heather began her physie life at the age of five with the Endfield club in Sydney.  Over the subsequent decades she was part of a number of clubs in Sydney, Brisbane and now Canberra as both a dancer and teacher.  Her love of physie keeps her involved in the sport as a teacher although she no longer competes.

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