Julie Heather – Teacher of 13-1st Years, 2nd Year to Open Seniors and Open Ladies;
Julie first started Physie when she was three years old. She first became an associate at 17 years old and over the next 13 years taught all age groups, from pre-schoolers through to Ladies. After a break of 7 years to move to Canberra and ‘have babies’, she rediscovered her love of Physie by joining Brindabella with her daughter Abbey. Julie has had many highlights in her Physie career including competing at National Finals at the Opera House as a junior and performing in the Opening Ceremony for the Sydney Olympic Games, but her enjoyment mainly stems from seeing her students reach their full potential both personally and competitively. Julie has a strong focus on technique while fostering both self-confidence and friendship within a class.

Sarah Hajduk – Teacher of 5 to 8 years and Tiny Tots;

Sarah has been a physie girl since she was 5 years old. Growing up at Brindabella, she has developed a great love of the club and devotion to physie as a sport and lifestyle. Over the past 3 years, Sarah has worked along side Miss Julie and Miss Steph as a class helper in the 5-8 year classes and is very excited to continue her journey as part of the teaching team at Brindabella. Sarah is always eager to improve herself and share her love of physie with all club members.

 Rae Green – Teacher of 9 to 12 years, Novice and Intermediate Ladies;

Starting at age 3, Physie became a very important part of Rae’s childhood. As a shy and quiet child of a Navy family, Physie was something she could do anywhere in Australia, and developed her confidence and strength. Rae was a Brindabella Senior in the 90’s before having a break during Uni, marriage and babies. Returning as a Lady, Rae loves Physie for it’s focus on strength and posture. Rae has worked along side Miss Julie as class helper for the last few years, and is excited to be a part of the Brindabella Team in 2020. Rae’s favourite part of Physie is teams, and loves seeing everyone included and supported.

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