What Is Physie?

Physie is the perfect combination of movements designed to increase strength, fitness and flexibility; it is a sport that fuses dance styles such as jazz, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, aerobic dance and even yoga. The Physie ‘syllabus’ consists of 5 to 6 short dances ranging in movement, pace & difficulty. All of the dances are age appropriate and the technique used in them is taught through out all classes. Physie is not only an individual sport it is also a team-based sport that’s social and fun.

Is Physie a competitive sport?

Yes, it can be but competitions are not compulsory. How much you want to work to reach your goals depends on you. There are competitions that start in August throughout to November. All dates & location vary depending on age.

There are ‘interclubs’ which are individual competitions held by various Physie clubs. Each BJP club can attend only 2 per year. Interclubs are a great practice competition for Champion Girl or Champion Lady.

Champion Lady or Champion Girl; again the location and date depends on the age group and are held after Interclubs. This competition is the biggest comp of the year and it is the competition that girls and ladies aim to work the hardest for to reach National level.

Then there are teams. Teams is by far the most fun of all. They require dedication to extra practices held from earlier on in the year. Teams consists of 8 girls from the same club in the same age group to do the syllabus working together. It is synchronised swimming but on land. Team is always a great day had by everyone!

What are the benefits from Physie?

Physie benefits not only the body but also the mind. Physie through its coreography teaches:

  • good posture
  • grace
  • balance
  • co-ordination
  • flexibility
  • strength
  • rhythm &
  • musical interpretation

With Physie you don’t have to have any dance experience, you don’t even have to have rhythm; all the positions and technique is taught through out the classes. Physie is a non judgemental dance sport. If you want to exercise without it even feeling like you are trying Physie is perfect for you.

Physie also develops other skills like:

  • fine & gross motor skills
  • body awareness
  • memory rentention
  • self-discpline
  • teamwork &
  • self confidence

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